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  1. Traders own gazebos/trailers must be fit for purpose and clean. Secure weights must be used to ensure gazebos can withstand wind speeds of up to 30mph. If wind speeds are greater than that it is the traders responsibility to take down their gazebo. If wind speeds are greater than that prior to set up or forecast to be greater than that or become greater than that during the day the Operator may cancel the market.
  2. Hired gazebos will be fit for purpose, clean and securely weighted to withstand wind speeds of up to 40mph. Traders must not tamper with or move hired gazebos, or attach anything to them without the approval of the Operator. Any defects found must be reported to the Operator immediately. Neither the Operator or the Council accept any responsibility for any damage or injury caused by any equipment hired, if it is tampered with in any way.
  3. Goods to be sold must be agreed in advance with the Operator, and no other goods may be sold without the consent of the Operator.
  4. Goods to be sold must be of a sufficient quality and well presented with prices clearly displayed. Sufficient stock must be carried to trade during trading hours.
  5. Goods to be sold must comply with all current relevant legislation. Food businesses must be inspected and rated by Horsham District Council and be listed on the FSA database. Food businesses should also hold a gas safety certificate tested by a gas engineer registered to check mobile catering units, and use LPG, not butane. Food businesses should also hold a PAT testing certificate for electrical items over 1 year old, as well as a hygiene rating certificate with minimum of 4 stars, and any other relevant health and safety certificates. Visit the Environmental Health Department at and Trading Standards at for further information.
  6. The market will be held every Saturday and the last Sunday of every month (weather permitting) on the Bishopric, Horsham from 9am – 5pm in the summer and 9am – 4pm in the winter, with consideration given to other events or redevelopment which may cause the market to be relocated within the area if possible.
  7. Extra trading days may be offered by the operator after agreement with the council.
  8. Pitch sizes and positions are to be organised by the Operator and no trader may move their pitch away from their agreed position or position goods outside of their pitch without the consent of the operator.
  9. No vehicles are to be allowed on site during trading hours except in emergencies and with the consent of the Operator.
  10. Vehicle movement during set up and take down to be at speeds of no more than 5mph with hazard lights on. No reversing at any time without a banksman.
  11. Traders may only park their vehicles in locations agreed with the Operator.
  12. Traders are wholly responsible for the goods they sell and ensuring their stalls are run in a safe and orderly manner. If traders are not to be present themselves they must nominate a representative who will be responsible for the above.
  13. All trade waste is to be removed by traders at the end of the day and correctly disposed of. Pitches are to be kept as tidy as possible during the day, and swept clean at the end of the day.
  14. Traders may not display any signs or adverts on their stall, other than those used in the sale of their own goods.
  15. Traders must not make a nuisance of themselves or bring the Operator, market or Council into disrepute.
  16. Traders must display their trading names and register their business address with the Operator.
  17. Traders must hold public liability insurance for not less than £5 million for any one claim. Evidence of this must be submitted to the Operator before commencing trading on the market, and annually upon renewal of said insurance. Traders must also hold employers liability insurance and product liability insurance (where relevant).
  18. Traders must hold their own risk assessment, a copy of which must be submitted to the Operator. Risk assessments must be updated if working practices change, and annually in any case.
  19. Mains electricity is available in some areas of the site at a cost of £6 per day. Outlets are provided by the Council and traders are responsible for supplying their own leads to connect to the outlets. These leads must comply with all current safety regulations. Visit for further information. These leads must not constitute a trip hazard. The operator and council accept no liability arising from the use of the electrical supply.
  20. No generators are permitted unless with the prior written consent of the Operator.
  21. Gas bottles can be used in the correct manner but must be safely transported and stored on site. Visit for further information. The Operator must be informed if a gas bottle is to be used.
  22. Regular pitch fees are to be paid 2 weeks in advance by bank transfer, cheque or cash whereupon a receipt will be issued. No refunds will be given if the pitch is unoccupied and pitches can be reassigned if unoccupied after 8.30am. Regular traders are entitled to 2 trading days of holiday per year, where no pitch fees will be charged providing at least 2 weeks notice is given. Pitches can then be reassigned for those days.
  23. Casual pitch fees can be paid by cash at the start of the day. Casual pitches may be assigned on the day at the discretion of the Operator. It is recommended that the Operator is contacted before the day to confirm pitch availability.
  24. Lettings are not transferable and must not be sub-let or re-let at any time.
  25. Traders must comply with all lawful requirements of the police, fire brigade, ambulance service and highway authority.
  26. These regulations shall not prejudice the rights, powers, duties or functions of the Operator or Council in the exercise of their functions as a market operator or local authority.
  27. The Operator and Council reserve the right to cancel or refuse a letting.
  28. The Operator and Council reserve the right to amend these regulations at any time.
  29. The Operator shall be responsible for resolving any disputes arising from breaches of these regulations, and may suspend a letting following a written warning if the breach continues.
  30. A trader who is in dispute following a written warning and suspension of their letting may complain in writing to the Operator, who will then attempt to resolve the dispute within 14 days. If the dispute cannot be resolved the case can be referred, by way of appeal against the written warning, to an independent arbitrator as agreed by the Operator, Council and trader. That appeal should be referred to an arbitrator within 30 days. The arbitrators subsequent decision will be final.



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